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Hike to the Brunnsteinspitze Summit, 2,180 m

Hike to the Brunnsteinspitze Summit, 2,180 m


Starting point: Naturpark Infozentrum Scharnitz
Finishing point: Naturpark Infozentrum Scharnitz
Ascent1,454 m
Highest point2,180 m
Route distance12.7 km
Walking time / total08:30 hh:mm
Walking time / ascent05:00 hh:mm
Level of difficultydifficult

Elevation profile


Starting point: Scharnitz - Alpine Hut Brunnsteinhütte – Summit Brunnsteinspitze - Scharnitz

Starting at the former customs office in Scharnitz, follow the main road towards Mittenwald. Cross the road and the railway line at the petrol station to the right, and follow the road towards Mittenwald. At the crossing turn right and straight left at the sign on the well marked track that leads from Mittenwald up to the alpine hut Brunnsteinhütte (1,523 m). Continue via the Brunnsteinsteig track up to the alpine hut Tiroler Hütte (2,153 m – no refreshments available) and continue to the right to the Brunnsteinspitze summit where you can take in the magnificent views of Scharnitz. The descent via the Brunnsteinkopf is steep and strenuous (NB: the entrance to the track is quite hard to find) and takes you back down to Scharnitz over the Birzelgrat ridge and the Adlerkanzel viewpoint. You can, however, climb back down from the summit Brunnsteinspitze by the same route used for the ascent, via the alpine hut Brunnsteinhütte.