Peace Bell

In the village of Mösern, one of the most beautiful spots in the Tyrol, the 5 pm ringing of the Peace Bell serves as a reminding symbol of peace and good neighbourly relations. It also stands as a monument for 25 years of cross-border cooperation between the ARGE-ALP countries. The bell stands free amidst a breath-taking Alpine landscape and, measuring 2.51 metres in height, with a diameter of 2.54 metres and weighing in at more than 10 tons, it is the largest bell in the Tyrol.
Leading up to the bell is the ‘Peace Bell Walking Trail‘ which was created in 2003. Located on the westernmost hill of the ‘swallows’ nest of the Tyrol‘, as Mösern is affectionately known, the bell‘s location offers stunning panoramic views of the Inn Valley. Peace Bell information leaflets are available in the Olympiaregion Seefeld information offices.


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