Source of the River Isar

Surrounded by the mighty rock massif of the Karwendel mountain range, here, in the Hinterautal valley, is where the River Isar begins its journey, first to the River Danube and then on to the Black Sea. The river, which in former times instilled a fear and terror of flooding among those who lived on its banks and, at the same time, bestowed them with blessings and prosperity, still plays a major role in the culture and history of the Alpine region. Here, at the source of the River Isar, there are numerous spots where water bubbles out of the ground all year round. New information boards, an idyllic resting place and a natural trail that leads directly to the first springs characterise this jewel of natural diversity. Walkers here can not only relax and recharge their batteries, but also discover a wealth of information about the flora and fauna of the area. The upper Isar is, in addition, a popular spot for canoeing and paddleboat enthusiasts who value the excellent quality of the water and the breathtakingly beautiful scenery of the Alpenpark Karwendel nature reserve. 'A very beautiful river. I have often listened to it, looked into its eyes, and always learned from it.' Hermann Hesse