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Gast Blogger

von Gast Blogger

July 07, 2017


Tyrolean Kaiserschmarren with hut flair

A Kaiserschmarren is already something good!
Every ascent is mastered with anticipation and ease. The Wettersteinhütte can be seen from afar in the Gaistal. On a hill directly before the enormous massif of the Wetterstein mountains it has its place. A forest road leads directly to the hut, from which you have an incredible view over the beautiful valley, the Hohe Munde, and even to the Zugspitze.

Since 2010, the well-rehearsed duo Beate and Hans has been hosting the Wettersteinhütte in summer and winter. With an open-minded and warm manner, you are welcomed at 1,717 meters. Hans is not only the host of the hut, but also the boss in the "one-man" kitchen. Beate is the fairy godmother in service, who is actively supported by her two children on busy days. The Schütz family spends 10 months of the year at the Wettersteinhütte in the mountains and treats guests to "gschmackiger" (tasty) Tyrolean home cooking.

When I asked Hans for the recipe of his Kaiserschmarrens, he explained with a smile that this does not exist in written form. Ahaaaa, so a secret recipe. Not quite - but almost. Not for nothing is the Kaiserschmarren at the Wettersteinhütte known far and wide. The basic recipe of the Kaiserschmarren is easy and quick to recreate and with the tips from the Wetterstein kitchen a treat for the palate.

Preparation for home: Tyrolean Kaiserschmarren (for 1 portion)

Ingredients (for 1 serving):

2 tablespoons butter2 pcs. Eggs80 g flour130 ml milk1 pinch of salt10 g sugarIf needed 1 tablespoon raisinsPowdered sugar


First, separate the egg yolks from the egg whites and put them into two bowls. Then the egg whites are beaten with a pinch of salt to a firm snow. In the next step, mix the yolks of the two eggs with 10 g of sugar. Add 130 ml of milk and 80 g of flour, which is slowly stirred in. Be careful not to form flour lumps. Then fold the beaten egg whites into the dough mixture. Tip from the kitchen: a shot of mineral water makes the Kaiserschmarren even more airy and fluffy.

Teig 1

Preparing the dough for the Kaiserschmarren

Now heat 2 tablespoons of butter in the pan and pour the finished dough into the pan. Make sure that the fat is not too hot. Depending on your needs, you can also sprinkle a few raisins over the dough. Fry the batter over medium heat until the underside is golden brown. Then turn the Kaiserschmarren mixture over and fry until golden brown on that side as well. Once both sides are golden brown, the batter is torn into pieces with a spatula. Finally, sprinkle sugar over the pancake in the pan and let it caramelize. This gives the Kaiserschmarren its fine sweet note. If necessary, sprinkle powdered sugar over the pancake. Voilà, the popular Austrian pastry is ready. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

In the meantime, the entertaining Rosi from the neighboring hut has also joined us and is also already looking forward to tasting the Kaiserschmarren. The fluffy pastry, served in a heavy steel pan with apple sauce and cranberries, just waiting to be nibbled. Mhhh - simply delicious! The Kaiserschmarren at the Wettersteinhütte lives up to its reputation. The sweet pastry not only tastes exquisite, but is a flavorful dessert highlight. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


Tyrolean Kaiserschmarren with hut flair

Two plates full of Kaiserschmarren later and with a full tummy all around happy, I enjoy the peace in the mountains. So that it also works with the digestion, a "blue gentian" is handed by Hans (which one should enjoy only in small doses). Hospitality is celebrated and lived at the Wettersteinhütte. In addition, there is tasty food and always a "guaten Hoangat" (a conversation). The cordial nature of the landlords and the good cuisine invites you to stay and enjoy. Recommended at any time of the year!

Hans Beate Schütz

Hans and Beate Schütz

The Wettersteinhütte in winter

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