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Tessa Mellinger

von Tessa Mellinger

August 25, 2017


Karwendelmarsch – the legend lives!

The Karwendelmarsch is the legendary event in the calendar of all hikers and mountain runners. A proud 2,500 participants come from all over the world to the Karwendel mountains year after year to walk through them from Scharnitz to Achensee. Within a very short time the tickets are sold out and the days until the event are counted impatiently. The Karwendel March is unique – and for many reasons!

Pure goose bumps: a unique atmosphere

One thing the Karwendelmarsch can do particularly well: evoke great feelings! From the beginning to the end, goosebumps feeling is guaranteed. Something very special is the start: Early in the morning, when the sun is just starting to wake up, everyone is ready. Tiredness gives way to excitement – it's about to start! Together the countdown is counted and finally: the march is open! All hikers and runners swarm out of the small village of Scharnitz into the Karwendel mountains – an unforgettable day lies ahead of them.

Stunning, varied views

The route leads a full 52 km or 35 km through the entire Karwendel Mountains. From Scharnitz it goes to the Karwendelhaus, to the Falkenhütte, into the Eng and over the Gramaialm to the Achensee. The trail is varied and absolutely impressive. It leads past rugged rock faces, lovely alpine meadows, bizarre peaks and rustic huts. From dawn until the afternoon – the incomparable atmosphere on the mountain makes tired legs fade into oblivion!

The good soul of the event: The helpers and assistants

Only through the numerous helpers the Karwendelmarsch becomes what it is: Are the good soul of the event. Many of them have been with us from the very beginning. The many clubs, groups and individual helpers particularly look forward to the camaraderie on the mountain, that everyone works together in an uncomplicated way, and also to the "nice get-together" after the work is done. They also notice that many participants return year after year: "You see a lot of familiar faces! Our helpers make the Karwendelmarsch a true legend!

I pack my hiking backpack and take with me: What you need for the Karwendel March

I pack my hiking backpack and take with me: What you need for the Karwendel MarchNo question: The Karwendelmarsch is very well organized. Refreshment stations provide food and drinks and first aid posts are ready for any emergencies. Nevertheless, you should pack your backpack conscientiously for such a demanding route. We have compiled a small list with the 10 most important things:

1. blister plasters: just in case, if the shoes do cause pain...! Blisters on the feet can bring the march to an abrupt end. A small first aid kit in your backpack can also never hurt. In case of emergencies, the mountain rescue service is there for you along the route.

2. your cell phone: The cell phone is already part of the standard equipment. Thanks to smartphone you can call for help in case of emergency, take photos and videos and make your friends in the valley jealous.

3. emergency app SOS-EU-Alp App: This app was specially developed for all alpine emergencies. It is free and can be easily and quickly installed on your phone.

4. a camera: in addition to the cell phone, you can capture the unforgettable day with the camera, guaranteed to remember back forever!

5. granola bars, cookies, bananas, etc.: Even though the numerous food stations will provide delicious snacks for your well-being, it's good to have a few snacks of your own. That way, no one is guaranteed to end up in a sugar hole!

6. water/drinks: please take a bottle with you, which you can fill up at the refreshment stations – this way you are well supplied and our nature is protected from unnecessary waste.

7. rain jacket: Via the different channels of the Karwendelmarsch you will always get a detailed weather forecast shortly before the event. So you can equip yourself perfectly according to the weather.

8. change shirt and a warmer layer: Sitting sweaty in the wind is not fine. An alternating shirt protects you from cooling down and makes the breaks a pleasure.

9. sun protection: this naturally includes sunglasses, sunscreen and head protection. After all, no one needs sunburn, sunstroke or blinded eyes!

10. hiking poles: If you like to hike with poles, you can of course take them with you. They are a pleasant support, especially downhill.

You also want to be there and experience the legend Karwendelmarsch up close? Then you have to be quick! Every year in December the registration opens and the places are booked up within a few hours! On our website and our social media channels we will always keep you up to date.

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