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Tessa Mellinger

von Tessa Mellinger

May 18, 2017


The Hohe Munde - When the mountain calls

The Hohe Munde is one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the Region Seefeld. Even from a distance it can be admired from (almost) all points of the compass and always looks a little different - sometimes more lovely, sometimes more rugged, but always imposing. The Hohe Munde has not one, but two peaks. It is a wild mountain - and so is its ascent. For all those who have a good physical condition, surefootedness and a bit of a head for heights, the Hohe Munde is a must!

One mountain, two peaks, several variants: The ascent of the Hohe Munde

I always remember with pleasure my ascent of the Hohe Munde. Especially the views are breathtaking and unforgettable! On one side lies the Inn Valley with the glittering Inn River, on the other the Gaistal, the five towns of the Olympiaregion Seefeld and in the distance you can even see the Zugspitze. Oh, and then the good stop at the Rauthütte! Hmm, those are nice memories!

Summit aspirants have several options to climb the Hohe Munde. Either one hikes via the Rauthütte to the two summits or one chooses the traverse. Both options can only be done in stable, good weather (even on the lecture it should not have rained, otherwise the rock will be wet and dangerous) and require good fitness. For the traverse, you should also be able to climb a bit and be free from giddiness - here it can be "exposed" (Explanation: steep terrain)!


View from the Hohe Munde

The Hohe Munde over the Rauthütte

This is the slightly easier, but equally rewarding variant. The route leads through lovely forests and meadows to the Rauthütte. First of all, however, you leave the hut to the left and continue climbing in the direction of Hohe Munde. Slowly, the path becomes more demanding and "zacher" (engl.: more strenuous). It becomes rocky and a bit more arduous. But finally there it is: the eastern summit! Also called "Mundekopf", it offers with its plateau and summit cross opportunity for a short break. However, this is only the first, lower summit of the tour.


Those who want the full ascent of the Hohe Munde go even further. A narrow path along the ridge leads to the west summit. Done! Also on the west summit you can enjoy the unforgettable views. On the way down (same as on the way up) you should not miss a stop at the Rauthütte! The tired legs and the hungry stomach will thank you!

Crossing the Hohe Munde

This variant is something for more experienced summiters. The tour is once again significantly longer and harder. However, it is particularly rewarding not only because of the challenge, but also because of the reward at the Tillfussalm. The ascent and descent via the partially secured passage is something for climbers: Along steel ropes and iron steps (approximately difficulty ridge 1) you climb along the rock. A wonderful adventure that requires skill and good concentration. At the end you know: this summit climb is something very special and well deserved!


The Tillfussalm in the beautiful Gaistal is an idyllic place to stop. It is not only rustic and cozy, but also offers homemade alpine butter, Graukas and - pssst, insider tip! - homemade buttermilk. Hmmm! What could be better after a long tour! One thing is for sure: There are many reasons to climb the Hohe Munde! You'll be rewarded with two summits in one day, unforgettable views, tasty food, and a good case of sore muscles. But the most important thing: the pride that you have made it! This memory will not be forgotten so quickly.

So, let's go to the Hohe Munde!

For more information about mountaineering in Region Seefeld click here.

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