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Waldbaden - Wellness in the Woods

Waldbaden (Shinrin Yoku) – treat yourself to something good

The Forest: Waldbaden, known in English as “forest bathing”, is based on Shinrin Yoku from Japan. The wave has reached Europe, and Verena Hiltpolt is the first to implement it in Tyrol.

It is a pleasure for us in the Region Seefeld to be able to accompany people into nature, to immerse ourselves in greenery and switch off from everyday life. Nature shows you the way and this has been popular in Japan for decades. But it is not the case that all good things only come from afar. Hildegard von Bingen, a medieval mystic coined the term ‘Viriditas’ and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe also wrote a poem about the forest. Biophilia effect, the power of greenery, nature for the soul – these are some of the keywords that we are talking about.

Nature shows you the way. Cast off the backpack full of the fast and often anonymous life of today, go with me into the forest and listen to your own self. Take a deep breath, come face to face with the forest and welcome it. Listen to the rustling of the leaves, feel the wind in your face and inhale the fresh air...

A stay in the forest can be an enrichment for body and soul whatever the weather.

I was walking
In the wood alone,
And intended
To look for nothing.
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe | 1813)


Verena Hiltpolt - Your nature coach