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Way of the Cross

Created in the year 2000, the Way of the Cross on Pfarrbichl hill was instigated by the Seefeld-born architect Michael Prachensky together with Seefeld’s priest, Egon Pfeifer. The artistic design was conceived by Prof. Erich Keber, and implemented by master stonemason Peter Kuttler. 

The creation of the 14 stations of the cross using huge boulders, so-called erratics, was the idea of Michael Prachensky. The design of the 14th station (‘Jesus is laid in the tomb’), with the 12 apostles standing around it, resulted from talks between Prachensky and the local priest Egon Pfeifer. The project was completed in 2004. 

The Way of the Cross starts at the parish church and leads up Pfarrbichl hill to the highest point. In order to help those who walk the Way of the Cross to see and understand the 14 stations as intended, Father Egon Pfeifer put together a meditation booklet which can be found inside the parish church on the shelves displaying printed material.